David Ignatius: Military Action Against Syria Not Justified; Statement to Support Warmongering Deceptive

In a column, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius mentioned a disagreeable statement:

“Among Egyptian generals, Saudi princes, Israeli politicians, and other conservative players in the Middle East, the consensus seems to be that [U.S. President Barack] Obama is a weak president–and that they need to rely on themselves for security.”

This statement is disingenuous because it assumes that power to strike militarily is equally shared. It is not; thus, Ignatius isĀ  putting forth an argument that is meant to encourage yet another misadventure in the Middle East. The United States has long had sanctions against Syria, yet now is the time for another regime change operation, after the Pyrrhic victories of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, an objective look at the facts shows that Ignatius’s intentions with his column are less than pure and, thus, are best to be ignored.

State United Nations P-5 Member Population (in millions) Nuclear Weapons Gross Domestic Product (in U.S. dollars)
United States Yes 313.9 (2012) Yes 14.99 trillion (2011)
United Kingdom Yes 62.74 (2011) Yes 2.445 trillion (2011)
Russia Yes 143.0 (2011) Yes 1.858 trillion (2011)
Israel No 7.766 (2011) Yes 242.9 billion (2011)
Egypt No 82.54 (2011) No 229.5 billion (2011)
Saudi Arabia No 28.08 (2011) No 576.8 billion (2011)
Syria No 20.82 (2011) No 59.15 billion (2010)
Iran No 74.8 (2011) No 331.0 billion (2010)
Lebanon No 4.259 (2011) No 40.09 billion (2011)
Iraq No 32.96 (2011) No 115.4 billion (2011)
Afghanistan No 35.32 (2011) No 19.18 bilion (2011)

Source: For population and gross domestic product, Google. For nuclear weapons, www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/Nuclearweaponswhohaswhat. For United Nations, www.un.org/en/sc/members/.

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