Irony: Use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning (Webster’s dictionary).

Example: using The Washington Post article, “How Big a Stretch


The Fueyos are attracted to [Senator Barack] Obama because of his statements on spirituality and community. In them, they hear strains of Catholic social teachings on human dignity and equality. Mary Ann Fueyo has not yet decided whom to support, while her husband already is in Obama’s corner.


If Obama were to talk more sharply on issues of race and speak more like [Rev. Jesse] Jackson or [Rev. Al] Sharpton, “it would bother me as far as my support,” [Richard] Fueyo says. “It would bother me as far as I’m thinking, you’re not smart. You’ve got to be able to have everyone hear what they want to hear.” And most whites want to hear a more muted message on race, if they want to hear about it at all, he says.


[Mike] Suarez, who also identifies himself as a white Latino, says he suspects that some whites are projecting onto Obama their perception of what a black man should be — less black.


Ideals of being concerned about human dignity and equality are cast in the rubbish bin, as long as the issues of human dignity and equality involve Black human beings in the United States.

It appears that Senator Barack Obama has to deny 1/2 of his identity and race to focus solely on White concerns to be acceptable to White people as a Presidential candidate. The whole issue of present-day racial discrimination against Black people, for all intents and purposes, would be off the table. The issues of Black people must similarly be ignored (unless Whites have the same opinion).

Is this evidence of the inadequacy of the progress of the Civil Rights movement?

Lord, give me strength.