DCPS Chancellor

[7/11/07 Update: The DC Council has unanimously confirmed Michelle Rhee as Chancellor of DC Public Schools and Allen Lew as Executive Director of the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization. For more information, click here.]

Mayor Adrian Fenty selected Michelle Rhee as his nominee for the post of Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Ms. Rhee was the CEO of the New Teacher Project, a non-profit organization (with 110 staff members) that is “dedicated to increasing the number of outstanding individuals who become public school teachers and to creating environments for all educators that maximize their impact on student achievement.”

Ms. Rhee has selected a vice president from the New Teacher Project, Kaya Henderson, to be Deputy Chancellor.

I will have to watch this situation as an ongoing project. It would be nice for the large school system to operate effectively for all of the students and staff, but there is a history against it.

Will Ms. Rhee have the managerial skill to steer a large government agency (11, 500 employees)? Time will tell.

I must mention that the way that Clifford Janey’s dismissal occurred was deplorable. It only adds to the expectation of quick success under Ms. Rhee.