DCPS Chancellor: Salary Arrangement for Michelle Rhee

According to the Washington Post, Mayor Adrian Fenty presented the D.C. Council with Michelle Rhee’s contract, which includes her compensation arrangement. According to the Post, Rhee will be the highest paid school leader in the close-in D.C. metropolitan area.

Michelle Rhee will receive:

  • a salary of $275,000 annually with a $41,250 (one-time) signing bonus upon the D.C. Council confirming her to the position of Chancellor.
  • a car and driver, paid by the District of Columbia government.

Rhee’s contract also provides for the following:

If Rhee is fired or quits for “good cause,” she will receive up to 24 weeks of pay, the contract states.

The contract stipulates that Rhee, who has two children, must live in the District.

Peter Nickels, Mayor Fenty’s general counsel, stated that Rhee’s signing bonus is to compensate her for having to sell her house in Colorado. Apparently, Rhee is looking for homes in a couple neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. Rhee said that she is planning to send her children to the D.C. Public School in her neighborhood.

The D.C. Public School system has a budget of $1 billion and a staff of 11,500.

Given the size of the D.C. Public School system and her responsibilities (click here to see my related post on the Chancellor’s statutory responsibilities), the pay seems appropriate.