Miscellaneous: Installation of a New Pair of Tires

Until recently, I never really gave much thought to where new pairs of tires were placed on my car. As I have a front wheel car, one would think that the new pair should go on the front axle. This thought, though, is incorrect and hazardous.

Placing a new pair of tires on the front in a front wheel drive car leaves the driver at risk of going into oversteer.

I did not realize the serious nature of the issue until I did some tire research on the Internet after I had bought two new tires for the front. In that search, I happened upon the Michelin Tire Corporation website. There is a video there that clearly demonstrates the hazard of placing a new pair of tires on the front axle and placing the older tires on the rear. Have a look at the video here.

After viewing the video, I returned to the store and bought two new tires for the rear (as I did not want to deal with this issue again when the tires had to be rotated). (Note: I know the cost of the tires took a bite out of the wallet, but I do not wish to be an oversteer situation. It seems like it would be scary.)

I thank the Michelin Corporation for publishing this video. It is truly a public service.


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  1. I’ve been refused tire replacements of less than sets of four for this very reason : possibility of suit over negligence.


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