ACRI Ballot Initiative (Colorado): Colorado Supreme Court Affirms Title Board’s Decision

The Colorado Supreme Court, in a 3-3 decision, affirmed the the Colorado Title Board’s ballot title for the American Civil Rights Institute’s (ACRI) initiative. [Note: To see all of the legal briefs submitted for the case (Initiative #31), click here.]

This result is not surprising. As I stated in a previous post,

The next stage is step 8, appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court. The appeals process to the Colorado Supreme Court has a narrow focus. The Colorado Supreme Court “can either affirm the action of the Title Board or reverse it, in which case the [Colorado Supreme] Court must remand the case to the Title Board with instructions, pointing out where the Title Board is in error.”

Should an appeal to the Supreme Court fail or not occur, the next stage would be step 9, where the proponents of the proposed ballot initiative would have to collect 76, 047 signatures of Colorado’s registered electors.

Barring an anomaly, I expect the signature collection campaign to start relatively shortly.

Those opposing the initiative have my utmost respect and appreciation, but their cause was facing an uphill battle from the start. There is some consolation, however, as the court was evenly divided.