DC Pro Football: Patriots Deal Blowout Loss to DC Team; DC Team’s Player Finds Solace in Sunrise

The talk of the town is the Washington Football club’s stunning blowout (52-7) loss to the New England Patriots.

A player for the Washington team discovers solace in the rising of the sun.

On the day after, Marcus Washington looked to the heavens for a way to recover from a 45-point loss.

‘When I woke up, the sun came up,’ the Washington Redskins linebacker said Monday. ‘That was a good sign. That’s something I can build off of.’

Unfortunately, the Patriots were right to take every opportunity to score. It is the responsibility of the Washington football club to have prevented the Patriots from scoring. I can only see the mercy rule for amateur (elementary, high school and college) athletics.

After all of the angst and drama the blowout loss caused (search Gibbs Belichick in an Internet search engine and look at the comments to The Washington Post’s article), Washington has other games to redeem itself from this loss.