ACRI Ballot Initiative (Arizona): Columnist Questions Need for Initiative Drive

Anne Denogean, a columnist for the Tucson Citizen, argues that the ACRI initiative drive in Arizona is not necessary (click here for the column).

[…] [T]his is an initiative designed to tap into the anger of Anglo men who feel victimized by the system – even though nobody but a white male has ever been president, even though white males make up the majority of CEOs, and even though white males as a group enjoy greater earning power than any other group in America.

This proposal would be bad for Arizona. It is divisive (just what we don’t need in a state torn asunder by the immigration debate) and unnecessary.

Preferences are not widely used in Arizona’s state or local governments, nor does granting them mean that qualified white males are being passed over for positions, contracts or admission to state universities in favor of unqualified women or minorities. […]