ACRI Ballot Initiative (Arizona): Columnist Argues That Initiative’s Success Is Not Assured

Doug MacEachern, a columnist for The Arizona Republic, argues that the success of the ACRI ballot initiative is not altogether certain in Arizona.

Arizona is never a sure bet for sweeping national issues that make state ballots. Just ask the people who sponsored Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban in 2006, the only marriage-defining ballot measure ever to fall in a statewide vote.

Might the same hold true for a ballot measure banning racial preferences? In the idiosyncratic land of Goldwater, pretty much any political result is possible.

MacEachern explains that Arizona’s institutions of higher learning, while good, are not rejecting many qualified students as in California or Michigan.

But Arizona is different from those states in one key respect. And it’s not something that necessarily reflects well on this state: College admissions programs are the primary battleground of the racial-preference wars, and the fact is Arizona colleges are not terribly selective about who gets to attend.

At least not compared to the public universities that have been the focal points of the debate thus far.