ACRI Ballot Initiative: Daily Nebraskan Editorial Opposes ACRI’s Ballot Campaign

In an editorial, the Daily Nebraskan, a student newspaper for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, voiced opposition to the American Civil Rights Institute’s (ACRI) ballot initiative to ban affirmative action in Nebraska.

The Daily Nebraksan editorial is correct. ACRI’s ballot initiative is not needed in Nebraska because there are few non White persons in the state.

Here is the student population of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (student population: 17,301 (source:

Race Percentage of population Number
White 85% 14,706
Black 2.0 346
Native American 1.0 519
Asian 3.0 173

Below are the results of the 2000 Census for Nebraska (also covered in a previous post.)

Race Percentage of population Number
White 89.6% 1,533,261
African-American/Black 4.0 68,541
Asian 0.9 14,896
Native American 1.3 21,931