ACRI Ballot Initiative (Oklahoma): Editorial Opposes Ballot Initiative for Public Employment

An editorial in the Muskogee Phoenix opposes the ballot initiative proposal from the American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI).

The editorial explains that the state government employees should reflect the population of the state.

Public employment should be balanced, and the balance should reflect the greater community at large. That balance always has been attained best by legal protections, and there is no reason to remove those programs in this state.

The editorial also states that public contracts should not be subject to affirmative action but given to those who provide the best service at the best price.


One thought on “ACRI Ballot Initiative (Oklahoma): Editorial Opposes Ballot Initiative for Public Employment

  1. Yesterday I went down to my local voter registration office because I wanted to get a pamplet on the issues that will be on the ballot for the 2008 election. I was told that they do not nor will they have pamplets for the voters. As a person who votes I got angry, every question I had was answered with an, ” I don’t know”. Is this normal practice in Oklahoma? I moved here in May and got my voter card right after I signed the papers for my house.

    I am glad that you are here, now I am going to continue my search on what is going on in this state. Just a note, where I live we can only get Ft. Smith news…….the paper stinks here, I have bought a few and there is nothing notable in it about up coming issues. Help!

    Thanks and have a good one,
    Sandra Johnson


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