Ballot Initiative: Colorado Panel Advises Reform of Constitutional Initiative Process

According to The Rocky Mountain News, a University of Denver panel recommended reform of Colorado’s constitutional amendment process.

I critiqued Colorado’s constitutional initiative amendment process here. One reform that panel recommended I do not believe is sufficient.

Adopting a process for constitutional amendments that requires public hearings and the legislature to recommend that voters approve or reject them. Regardless of the legislature’s opinion, petitioners could still take their proposals to voters.

For public input to be effective, the public should be allowed to propose amendments to ballot initiatives. Otherwise, the whole process would be to provide a seemingly fair procedure to obscure a potentially unfair system. This would be particularly true for a ballot initiative like what the American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI) proposes.

Regardless, given the activities of the ACRI’s ballot amendment activity in Colorado (click on the ballot initiatives tag in the right column for my other posts on this subject), I believe an effort to reform this system is wise.