US Foreign Policy: Condoleeza Rice, Egypt, & Gaza

On the BBC News website, there is a story regarding the destruction of a border wall between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. This event allowed the residents of Gaza to go to Egypt to buy food and supplies and return to Gaza.

Egypt, acting on a statement from the US, first acted to close the border in part, then allowed people from Gaza to cross.

However, there was a quote from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice which re-emphasized my concern about her seeming indifference to social justice issues (discussed in a previous post).

The move by the Egyptian authorities came only hours after the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, urged them to secure the border with Gaza.


On Thursday evening, Ms Rice said she understood Egypt’s position was “difficult”, but said: “It is an international border, it needs to be protected and I believe that the Egyptians understand the importance of doing that.”

It is true that it is a border and crossings should be monitored. But, it does not necessarily mean that the border requires an impenetrable wall.

There is an possibility for negotiation and cooperation between the Palestinians and Egypt to regulate the movement of people and goods across the border between Egypt and Gaza. After all, Egyptian businesses on the other side of the border also benefitted from the commercial activity that occurred.


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  1. As you note, it was the US that decided the border needed closing. Now consider all the money the US sends to Israel and ask yourself how much real autonomy it has.


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