Domestic & Foreign Policy: Punishing a Population to Force a Change in Goverment Is a Failed Policy

Some states (nations) do not like the governments of other states. On tactic used by these states to coerce a change, is to place pressure on the population. The hope is that the population will hate suffering the lack of government services, that they will reject their government.

This tactic ultimately does not work.

Gaza and Israel


Israel hoped that pressuring the Palestinians in Gaza to endure deprivation would cause them to reject their government elected to run Gaza. Instead, the wall separating Gaza was broken, ending the deprivation.

But Israel’s recent effort to further intensify the closing of Gaza, by cutting off nearly all supplies and forcing the extension of rolling power cuts to more than 12 hours a day, clearly backfired, giving Hamas a kind of moral pretext in the Arab and Palestinian world to break through the Egyptian border. As the daily newspaper Haaretz said in an editorial on Friday, “The siege of Gaza has failed.”




“The experiment blew up in their faces,” said Shlomo Avineri, a political scientist at Hebrew University. “The whole theory of putting pressure on a population to put pressure on their government doesn’t work. It didn’t work in Lebanon in 2006, and it didn’t work now.”


Washington, D.C.


The tactic of causing the population of a government disliked by the powers that be occurred in the District of Columbia during the Mayoralty of Marion Barry.

Becton lobbied for $36 million in supplemental funding to reroof more than 60 schools in response to the Parents United lawsuit. Among those he solicited was U.S. Rep. Charles H. Taylor, a Republican tree farmer from North Carolina, who chaired the appropriations subcommittee on the District. “His comment was, ‘I’m not going to give you a goddamned thing until you get rid of that mayor,’ ” Becton recalled.


“I said, ‘Hey, I am the superintendent; I don’t have a cotton-picking thing to do with the election of that mayor.’ He said, ‘Until he goes, you get nothing.’ ”


Taylor did not return calls seeking comment.

I was always wondering why the Congress did not help D.C. more back then.

Also, the deprivation tactic did not work, Mayor Barry served four terms as Mayor and is currently a DC City Council Member for Ward 8.

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  1. Doesn’t work ? Read up on the history of the CIA sometime. The US has been forcing others to do its will for a looong time : a proper emulator of Imperial Britain.


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