ACRI Ballot Initiative (Colorado): Group Submits Signatures to Colorado Sec’y of State

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Ward Connerly, the leader of the American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI), announced that his group had gathered enough signatures to get on Colorado’s ballot.

[Ward] Connerly was in Denver to announce the submission of 128,744 signatures on petitions to place the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative on the November ballot. The group needed to collect 76,047 valid signatures, which must be verified by the Secretary of State’s Office.


Connerly was joined at the Capitol news conference by former state Sen. Ed Jones, a Republican from El Paso County, Valary Pech Orr, who is a supporter of the initiative, and state Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs.

Connerly mentions that he does not believe that racism is ended even though he supports the ballot initiative essentially to end affirmative action in Colorado.

And Connerly said that even though he supports the measure, he doesn’t believe racism has been eliminated from society and that it goes beyond whites and blacks.


“Nobody has a franchise on discrimination,” he said.

I believe Connerly’s statement understates the negative effects of his ballot initiatives. Clearly the recent discussion of Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons and Senator Barack Obama’s speech outlining the still salient issue of discrimination contradicts Connerly’s statements.

I disagree with Connerly. I have written a previous post critiquing Connerly’s methods in defending the unacceptable status quo.

Related note:

ACRI’s ballot initiative (#31 in Colorado) is now at Step 10 in Colorado’s initiative process. The next step is the verification of signatures.