2008 Elections: Question F in Prince George’s County, MD Defeated

A Prince George’s County ballot question seeking voter approval to increase the county telecommunications tax was defeated. Because the Prince George’s County Council did not provide relevant information to the voters, voting no to Question F was the only reasoned response.

Vote result for Question F: NO–71% or 211,304 votes, YES–29% or 85,864 votes.

In general, I have been trying to find the background information on this ballot question. I believe that that the relevant County Bill number is CB-043-2008 (search the Prince George’s County Council’s website for the text of the bill (using the legislative information system). [Note: If this is incorrect, please submit the relevant information in an email or comment.] The Bill is extremely opaque for those who do not know the inner workings of the County Council (sadly, this includes most County voters). This is unfair to voters because the County Council meets during the day when most County residents are at work.

I now believe that the ballot question wanted voter approval for a $2.8 million increase. But, the County Council’s website makes it difficult for voters to find the information voters require to make a reasoned decision.

Where I cannot find information for a proposition or the information is confusing, my default answer is to vote no.