Evan Gargiulo: Presents Defense of Self Defense Against Allegations of the Homicide of a Taxicab Driver

[Note: Persons accused of a crime in the United States are presumed innocent until proven guilty.]

[Update 6/12/10: Last week the judge sentenced Mr. Gargiulo to 15 years in jail for the murder of Mr. Nazir.]

[Update 3/13/10: Mr. Gargiulo was found guilty of second degree murder in the case involving the death of Mazhar Nazir. Mr. Gargiulo was sentenced to 15 years in prison.]

[Update 3/8/10: The Washington Post reported that Mr. Gargiulo entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity (For more information, see Virginia Criminal Procedure chapter 11 and chapter 11.1). Lawyers informed Judge Bruce D. White that the trial should take four or five days (h/t to the commenter below).]

I have read a crime story in The Washington Post . The story of the accused, Evan Gargiulo, presents many questions to a reader.

Mr. Gargiulo is [accused of allegedly killing] alleged to have killed a taxicab driver, Mazhar Nazir, in a fare dispute ( according to Mr. Gargiulo). Mr. Gargiulo argues through his attorney that Mr. Nazir was shot as Mr. Gargiulo was protecting himself from Mr. Nazir.

According to the prosecutor, Mr. Gargiulo took a cab from downtown D.C. to Reston, VA (which is approximately a 21 mile distance). Because cabs charge by the mile, the fare was going to be rather high.

The story Mr. Gargiulo presents seems incomplete. I had to consider the decision of Mr. Gargiulo to stop first at his apartment ($75 fare) to retrieve his car keys (another set to replace those Mr. Gariulo states were stolen) and a gun. Then, Mr. Gargiulo had Mr. Nazir drive him with his car keys and his gun to his friend’s apartment in Tysons Corner. When they got there the fare increased to $130. It was in Tysons Corner that Mr. Gargiulo discovered that he did not have any money to pay the fare. The dispute ultimately led to Mr. Nazir being shot. The question is what went on during that dispute.

Perplexing questions that this case presents

  • If Mr. Nazir presented a threat, why did he lend Mr. Gargiulo his cellphone to call his friend?
  • Why did Mr. Gargiulo have Mr. Nazir driving such long distances?
  • A wetsuit does not usually have pockets and is tight fitting. So, would not Mr. Gargiulo know that he had a roll of cash in the wet suit?
  • If the Mr. Gargiulo’s story is true, why did Mr. Gargiulo stop to get a gun?
  • How come Mr. Gargiulo did not report his wallet, car keys, and cellphone stolen while he was in D.C.? How did he carry these items in his wetsuit? [The Penn State college newspaper, The Daily Collegian, states that Mr. Gargiulo carried a bag that held the items he claims were stolen].
  • How come Mr. Gargiulo did not discover that he did not have any money when he went to his apartment?
  • Why did Mr. Gargiulo park his car at his friend’s home and not his own?

I cannot presume to know the answers to these questions. That is the job of the grand jury and, if the case goes to trial, the petit jury.  A potential problem is the lack of witnesses. As the case is presented in the Post, only two people have knowledge of what occurred that night in the cab: Mr. Gargiulo and Mr. Nazir (deceased).

The situation is distressing as it appears that Mr. Nazir lost his life for $130.

UPDATE 11/18:

The Post reported that the prosecutor offered the state’s version of events, which possibly adds details to the questions posed above.

[Note: These details come from the prosecutor. Mr. Gargiulo could offer evidence which rebut these statements.]

  • Mr. Gargiulo told police that he wore a scuba wetsuit to a nightclub’s Halloween party. Mr. Gargiulo carried his wallet, keys, and cellphone in a separate bag, which he said was stolen.
  • Mr. Gargiulo told police that he thought he had $200 in his wetsuit.
  • Mr. Gargiulo told Fairfax police that once he got to his Reston, VA apartment, he saw his gun and decided to take it. He did this because he felt vulnerable after having his wallet and cellphone stolen.
  • Mr. Gargiulo reported the items (wallet, cellphone, and car keys) stolen to D.C police later [November 1 or November 2 (article is unclear on this point)].

The new facts present additional questions to a reader:

  • How did Mr. Gargiulo carry his gun?
  • How long was Mr. Gargiulo in his apartment?
  • Why did Mr. Gargiulo not negotiate with Mr. Nazir over payment of the $130 fare just like he did at the club?
  • Why would Mr. Gargiulo feel vulnerable with a taxi driver he negotiated with in D.C. to take him all the way to Reston, VA (near Washington Dulles airport)?
  • Why would Mr. Gargiulo need a gun in Reston, VA?
  • The loss of a wallet, cellphone, and car keys is distressing. Why did Mr. Gargiulo wait so long to report them as stolen. A stolen cellphone is a mobile credit card, which allows the thief to run up a tab on the owner’s account. A wallet usually contains a person’s identification, cash, credit cards, and other dear items. Usually it is upsetting even to misplace one’s wallet in one’s own home. Car keys: a loss will require the car to get new locks (a potentially expensive proposition).

42 thoughts on “Evan Gargiulo: Presents Defense of Self Defense Against Allegations of the Homicide of a Taxicab Driver

  1. This is a premeditated murder and mr garguilo is a psycho path who enjoys to inflict pain and fanatsizes killing ….why could not he just run ..why shoot someone..why stop for a gun …..why make him drive all the way to tysons corner back whne he knew he did not have money……why not call the police when he shot him immeadetly and tell them teh story that teh cab driver attacked him….why hide…it was a tipster who made this psycho paths arrest possible…he is a cold blooded killer….i think his parents should also be held accomplices and tried with him…..coz when he told his parenst …even then police was not informed about it …..they are equally reponsible for it…..it was teh police after checking phone records called his parents and then the whole story was revealed….


  2. One thing that everyone seems to ignore is that Evan was at this club. I’m certain he drank. That meant the murder was alcohol related. Alcohol will take an ordinary situation (coming up short for a taxi fare) and explode it into a lot of wild drama. Without the alcohol, Evan would have just had the driver go by an ATM or write a check or something.

    Remember: alcohol and drug abuse is chemically induced stupidity.


  3. I went through college and ROTC with Evan. Whatever I say will be taken as bias to his defense; however, I must in good conscience put forth my own insights.

    Everyone in the United States of America is innocent until proved guilty in our court of law. By calling him a murderer, writers undercut one of our fundamental principles upon which we at least say we hold our State. Let the court decide justice–be it in favor of self defense or murder.

    This man was commissioned the rank of Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. He is accountable for each and every action he makes in public or private, leading soldiers or following orders, choosing self defense or senselessly killing Nazir. Evan is accountable to UCMJ, Federal and State Law and the families and his own conscience. Undoubtedly people with their own opinions will second guess Evan’s actions in public forums, but consider that in combat operations in theater, such actions could easily have saved his soldiers’ lives. The Army trains it’s leaders to make those tough, split-second decisions and will always scrutinize their actions should anyone call it into question.

    As a former MP, Evan knows the proper escalation of force as well as how and when it should be applied. Keen to threat and making the best decision at the time, to the best of his judgment at that moment, Evan shot in what he claims to be self defense. As an aside to any not in the military community, current rules of engagement always provide soldiers the rights to self defense if they feel their life is in danger–this is the minimum required for self defense in a contemporary operating environment.

    I know Evan to be of good nature with a propensity for talking fast–could miscommunication have escalated the situation? Could there have been a threatening item removed? Could there have been other circumstances? Could–Let the jury hand down the verdict instead of stating “he should be put down by lethal injection” please.


  4. This man may be young in his years, but he is very mature in what he wants in life, and acts according to his own ideas on who is worth his respect and who is worth to die. His swimming, high grades, great job immediately out of school and military training probably made him feel like he is ‘better’ and more ‘valuable’ member of society, unlike an uneducated cab driver who is vulnerable to his passengers? He thought he could get away with murder, he was obviously trained well by ROTC: to kill a breathing, living human being who was just doing his job, with one shot, professionally. Let’s get real – this is what military training is about, they train you so you can kill as if someone deserves it. The key word is “as if”. Before anyone threatens you, you are trained to kill in advance – for a country that has not had invasion on its capital cities and mainland by troops of another country (like Germany in Europe, or Japan in Asia, or England in India and many other countries), you learn how to kill. He was a ‘good’ student, he obviously liked his gun, enjoyed using it, and probably was always ready to go and kill. He just needed to wait a bit longer, to go to a “war zone:, or become a guard in a prison, where his curiosity about killing breathing living humans could be treated even with medals and like bravery and service to the country. Stupid boy, he did it in this situation. With times changed (may be 60-70 years ago he could be let go), he actually might serve some time. He is alive, but so little compassion for a dead person shown by Evan’s friends and family. It shows once again that Evan was never asked to take full responsibility for his own actions. Thank God times have changed – otherwise he would go free, and kill others who are not as “smart” and “worthy” as him.


  5. first, jason, when a thought comes in your head, keep it there. the world will be better off.

    i went to high school with evan. he was a good man. obviously something happened here that was not supposed to happen. and you know what, he will deal with the consequences. because in case all of you have forgotten……


    he voluntarily went to the police station and said, “i shot this man”. what more do you want him to do? he made a horrible mistake, a man is dead. another man will most likely spend his life in prison. for ANY of you to presume that you know what happened or that you know what went on in evan’s head is insane (that means you alex). seriously alex, you need some therapy. they don’t teach you to kill in rotc you moron, and your cultural analysis is like something out of james bond movie. how would you feel if your kid shot a man and is now on trial for murder? all that crap about him feeling like he is a better an more valuable member of society is think is a more accurate picture of yourself if you think about it. do us all a favor and keep your thoughts to yourself.


  6. well i went to school with him as well and though he may have turned himself in the point remains that he ended this mans life and this was no accident he made a decision to take a loaded 9mm handgun out of his apartment obviuosly with the intent to use it. He may have been a nice kid then but he still brought a gun to school in his car then too what for? who needs a gun in hillsborough the cops partically don’t need them.


  7. hey all of u morons, the friends of evan, he killed my uncle mazhar nazir, and he did that as thinking himself a lieutenant, something superior to a cab driver, which he can never be. why can’t you guys admitt this. who will bring mazhar nazir back ? nobody can…. so u guys better stop hurting our feelings after hurting and hunting him… please !


  8. >> Mr. Gargiulo is accused of allegedly killing a taxicab driver

    He’s not accused of “allegedly” killing him. He’s accused of killing him.


  9. [I do not wish to break the chain of comments, but I will make a brief comment.]


    In that sentence I tried to capture the situation that Mr. Gargiulo is accused without a connotation that he is guilty. I know the result was not 100% grammatically correct, but it captured the meaning I wanted to convey.

    With your comment, I have reconsidered the sentence so that it remains faithful to my thoughts. I amended the sentence to read that he “is alleged to have killed….”


  10. yarrrrr we know he killed him. Mr.Mazhar Nazir is my mother’s brother. We have seen his dead body and have burried him. SDo we know that garguilo has killed him. there’s nothing like accusing or something like that.


  11. Khayam Mangat, is your solution to this issue to kill Evan Gargiulo?

    This is a great time of sadness for all involved, but do you really feel that killing another person will help your family or benefit you. In either case, it is not our call to make as the judge and jury will decide.

    I can understand anger in the death of a family member, however, I do recommend seeking support to really assist you instead of greeting every as ‘morons’.

    As far as Evan’s ego at the time of the event, I cannot say. He had pride as any man should, but I would not say that Evan felt as if he was above any other person because of his job, education and rank he held.

    To my knowledge, Evan was not on any medication at the moment. Illegal drugs are not probable due to testing incurred in both of his previous career fields.


  12. Alex W – The question “Why would Mr. Gargulio need a gun in Reston, VA?” is irrelevant. Law-abiding citizens are afforded the right to own guns without providing a necessity as laid forth by the second amendment and upheld by the Supreme Court in the Heller case. Your question is misleading as it falsly implies that anyone owning a gun in Reston, VA does so abnormally.

    Alex – Your mindless rant about ROTC belies your ignorance. I graduated with Evan and went through the same ROTC training. I’m not a murderer. I’ve never fired a weapon at another human being. I don’t dream about killing. You’re confusing the actions of the indivual with the nature of the military. If a soldier commits a crime it is not because he is a soldier that he does so. It is because he is a criminal. Correlation does not imply causation. Furthermore, I assure you ROTC does not train how to fire 9mm handguns. The only weapon I ever fired in ROTC was the standard M16/M4 rifle. As far as the value of human life is concerned, I sat through more classes in ROTC that dealt with the prevention of civilian deaths and the proper escalation of force to include waiting to be fired upon before engaging the enemy that from my experience there I can claim with absolute certainty your idea of ROTC training is categorically false. You obviously have strong feelings on the nature of the military and the US government, and as such you’ve allowed them to cloud your judgement of reality. This is a singular case about the actions of one man, not about the institutional brain-washing you fantasize is as work.

    To the family, I’m sorry for your loss. Any time that a family buries one of their own is a tragedy and my heart goes out you. I also understand your desire for justice, and I also hope that justice is served. I’ll wait for the verdict from the jury to pass judgement on Evan’s guilt or innocence, but I can with confidence say that he was not the kind of man to think himself better than others or superior because he was smart or a lieutenant in the Army. Just as family and friends describe Mr Nazir as being a nice guy who always tried to help, I remember Evan being a nice guy in much the same way.


  13. Mike: I am not sure why the second amendment would apply in this situation as not only is it legal to own guns in Virginia, an owner may wear it openly in most circumstances.

    The question is directed at the timing at which the gun was retrieved and also at the need of a gun in an affluent, suburban Reston, VA.


  14. You’re clearly failing to grasp the concept. The 2nd Amendment does apply if your basis for questioning his possession of a gun is the perceived need for one in Reston, VA.

    Believe me, I agree that the timing of his retrieval of the gun is questionable.

    However, your continued insistence that one does not “need” a gun in Reston, VA belies an ignorant belief about gun ownership. It has nothing to do with necessity. I don’t need a gun where I live, it’s perfectly safe. Yet I own one. I have a right to own one. If someone questioned me saying “but you don’t need a gun,” it would be pointless because that’s not the reason I have a gun in the first place.


  15. I do not question his possession of a gun. This I addressed in the first paragraph in the comment above.

    I guess the question could be seen as a back door criticism of legal ability to own firearms. But such a criticism would be a waste of time in a jurisdiction where the right to bear arms for self defense is already established and settled.

    My question is directed at understanding the situation that went on at the time of the alleged crime. The need for a gun in a safe area is one of the questions that occurred to me as I read the articles. Without the taxi driver being able to testify on his own behalf, his perspective must be considered (as much as reasonably possible).


  16. The solution is that the family wants Evan to be hanged. Thats it !
    Mazhar Nazir used to help everyone. He was not only a cab driver but had owned the company of the cabs for long. Its just that he took a start from driving and didn’t quit it. The family of Mazhar Nazir is in Pakistan with their eyes on Amerca’s decision. we are waiting to see if America supports justice.


  17. hanged? how does taking the life of one person benefit the death of another? killing my cousin won’t bring back your family member & i know for a fact he didn’t believe he was above him. i’m sorry for your loss but you should never wish death upon another human being. it’s completely immoral. evan is already paying for what he did as he waits for trial in a detention center .. please understand where my family and i are coming from .. we never once said he was innocent but he didn’t do it maliciously and i genuinely believe that


  18. Thank GOD you people admit it after all. Mr. Cousin of Evan, He should be punished for what he has done. Okay there’s one more solution to it, you bring Mazhar Nazir back and take evan.


  19. yes evan should be punished for what he has “done”, but you weren’t there, nor was anyone else on this blog, or anyone in the jury box. as he is trying to plead self-defense that must mean that YOUR family member was in the wrong aswell. but who am i to point fingers? i dont know, therefor i cant exactly say.
    and neither can you, so until the jury comes to a decision, keep your thoughts to yourself.


  20. @ Rob
    Why should I keep my thoughts to myself ?
    Why is everyone commenting here then ?
    What are you taking here then ?
    Answer me !
    and YES my family member was in the wrong that he offered help to such a terrorist, Evan.

    hanged? how does taking the life of one person benefit the death of another? killing my cousin won’t bring back your family member & i know for a fact he didn’t believe he was above him. i’m sorry for your loss but you should never wish death upon another human being. it’s completely immoral. evan is already paying for what he did as he waits for trial in a detention center .. please understand where my family and i are coming from .. we never once said he was innocent but he didn’t do it maliciously and i genuinely believe that

    The above one is a post by a cousin of evan, So Rob can’t you see they admit it now ?


  21. First of all, NO ONE has the right to say what his punishment should be because if you were in his family’s shoes, you would want to protect your loved one. Just take a moment and actually think if one of your loved ones “killed” a man, should they be killed? I don’t think so. Two wrongs do not make a right. Killing Evan would not justify what people think he did wrong. I am not saying that he is innocent, but it is not up to us to decide. If we think that a proper punishment for murder is murder, than we should all be punished for everything that we have done in the past. If we have stolen, we should be stolen from; If we have cheated, we should be cheated on; If we murder, we should be murdered. These are unacceptable and only a decent human being would think about the whole picture and not just the word murder.

    Jason, you have the audacity to describe him as a psychopath when you have no idea who he is or what his life is like. John, should you be killed by lethal injection for something you have done wrong in the past. I am so sorry for the loss that Mr. Nazir’s family suffered and I can understand the pain they must feel, but to say that someone should be hanged is wrong and immoral.

    Mr. Mangat, I am so sorry for your loss but Rob is right, we weren’t there so we cannot say what his punishment should be. Just because the deceased was a member of your family, that does not give you the right to blow up on people.


  22. @ Jane Doe
    We have lost him, there are all the proofs that evan killed him, how come you say that who are we to decide his punishment. Obviously we have the right to punish him. Who cares for decency in thinking here ? Did evan think about it before shooting him ? Did he ever think how his family, his wife, his 12 years old son would suffer after his one fire ? do you think it was decency when evan killed him for a few dollars ?
    Wow !
    I must appreciate your thinking.


  23. Gargiulo told police that he didn’t have any cash, and that Nazir heard this and tried to climb over the front seat to attack him, so Gargiulo shot him. In a pretrial hearing, prosecutors revealed that Nazir was still wearing his seat belt when he was discovered.

    This morning (3/8/2010), Gargiulo entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Lawyers told Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Bruce D. White the trial should take four or five days.


  24. You do not know this man. I first met Evan when I was little. His parents were friends with mine. He is NOT a bad person. He made a bad decision. He fucked up. Yes, there is no excuse.. but there are some bad, vicious, and miserable in this world. There are malevolent people who live for violence and thrive in crime. Those who laugh at other people’s pain… and then there are those who make mistakes. Mistakes that will haunt them for their lives. He will be shunned by society but it doesnt really matter what anyone thinks about him but those who knew more than just the headlines about him. It is horrible that another man lost his life, may he rest in peace, but Evan shouldn’t lose his too. For the sake of his family, at least.


  25. I got a ride home this evening with a cab driver who was a friend of Mr. Nazir. He was at the trial today and mentioned it and I remembered reading about the shooting back in 2008.

    Yes, guns are legal in Virginia. I have no problem with that.

    I do wonder if he was carrying it concealed. If yes, what is the law in Virginia regarding concealed weapons? Does one need a concealed weapons permit? If yes, did Mr. Gargiulo have a permit? If yes, was he still justified shooting Mr. Nazir?

    Even if his was not carrying it concealed, was the shooting justified?

    After the arrest, Mr. Gargiulo said he was acting in self-defense. However, according to the police Mr. Nazir was still wearing his seatbelt. If so, would he have been able to have have lunged over the front seat towards Mr. Gargiulo in a sufficiently threatening manner? The fact that the defense is now pleading insanity makes me wonder……

    Yes, Mr. Gargiulo did turn himself in–evidently after police had visited/searched his residence based on a tip from a neighbor.

    As far as I can tell, it does not appear as if any money was taken, but why did Mr. Gargiulo evidently take Mr. Nazir’s phone and use it to make calls?

    The cabdriver tonight claimed that Mr. Nazir’s wife called his phone several times and asked whoever picked up about her husband.

    Why did Mr. Gargiulo evidently later file a lost/stolen property report in DC but not mention that a shooting had taken place later on that evening?

    Yes, Mr. Gargiulo did evidently mess up, but does that mean there should be no consequences if the evidence appears to show that the shooting was not justified?

    Of course, we are all engaging in speculation and in the US one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Guess we will just have to wait and see……


  26. I wish I read this earlier when the conversation was going on.. However, better late than never.. I can not believe what I am reading and I am not one to leave a comment like this but I feel I have to.. I want to start by saying I am so sorry to all those who lost your loved one.. It is a terrible thing that has happened. I wish I could be at court today, sadly there was no way I could be, so here I am to write on behalf of Evan. Evan is my 1st cousin and I’ve known him since the day he was born. We are a close close family and are so confused by what has happened. We all know from the deepest bottom of our hearts that Evan is Not a psycho path, that this was Not pre-meditated. It is just Not possible. Something happened to Evan that night, he HAD to be insane- there is No way such a great boy as Evan would do such a thing if he wasnt.. I am not going to offend anyone or say a word about what happened that night- I was not there, nor were any of you.. Unfortunately, one is deceased, and Evan is in jail and not one of our family members were even able to talk to him about it.. So we all sit here, waiting, hoping, that there will be an understanding and God will give strength to the Both families to get through this.. I pray the jury sees the truth today. They are the only voice that matters here, none of these terrible words spoken matter at all.. With that being said – Peace be with all of those who need it today.. The verdict will come soon, and there is nothing any of us can do but Pray that the Real truth come from it..


  27. We do not have the right to punish evan. 15 years is a justifiable punishment. Being a part of his family, I wish the best for the family of Mr. Nazir and hope that they can work through this. I am going to sit here and defend a family member for his actions when everyone who reads about this will say he is a psychopath who deserves to die. NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE FOR THEIR ACTIONS NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL!!! HOW DARE ANYONE SIT THERE AND ATTEMPT TO TELL ME THAT EVAN IS A PSYCHOPATH AND THAT HE WANTED TO KILL HIM!! He is not only my family but a friend. I can honestly tell you that on that night, he was not himself. I do not know what was going through his mind, but evan would nor could not harm anything or anyone. Since the day I was born, Evan was like a big brother to me, and now that he has been sentenced, I will not get to see him until I am 35 years old. I cannot introduce him to my future husband and my future children. He will miss out on the most cherished memories of life: His sister’s wedding, the birth of his first niece or nephew, etc. IF ANYONE HAS FAMILY, THEY SHOULD KNOW EXACTLY HOW I FEEL AND HOW THE REST OF MY FAMILY FEELS. WE ARE JUST AS AFFECTED BY THIS AS MR. NAZIR’S FAMILY IS AND I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO DEGRADE MY FAMILY!!!!


  28. Fifteen years was not enough. He should have gotten all possible 40. The cab driver was shot facing forward. He was not attacking Gargiulo. If this guy had military training, he should have been able to handle himself without the gun. He may be a swell guy in favorable situations, but, that particular situation was not going his way. You don’t go around shooting people because you are having a bad night. What about the man he killed? What about the things he will miss?


  29. @ Ms Jane
    If evan will miss his nephews and nieces, what about Mazha4r Nazir ??? Will he not miss any one ? Will his grandsons and his so called future families and future relatives not miss him ? How could you defend your cousin while ignoring Our family ? How the hell do not we have a right to punish him? 15 years in NOT enough. WE need more.


  30. Once again, doesnt matter what anyone thinks! .. The jury has spoken.. It is over.. Let’s all try our hardest to move on and put back the pieces of our broken families.. Another thing- We are all Americans! America is about all different cultures living as one.. We all have different backrounds, enough with the terrorist and minority stuff.. Jury did what they felt in their hearts was right.. Whether we agree or not it will not change!.. This controversy can go back and forth forever people! We are all grieving!!! Let’s do this privately, stop the hate, and do what families do- love eachother no matter what and keep eachother from falling apart!!!!


  31. I am unclear as to whether that is the Jury’s recommended sentence or it that is it. The judge usually does the sentencing at a later date and has some flexibility as to time.

    We might never know, but, it feels like a compromise
    verdict to me. A deadlock, mistrial and starting all over would just be more agony for the families. If there were holdouts for acquittal, I can’t imagine how, but, sometimes that is how these outrageous
    verdicts come about.

    The families will never change their positions, but,
    Evan Gargiulo CHOSE to pick up that gun and fire it.
    If he was so scared he could have just stayed in his apartment and not gotten back in the car with his gun.
    He could have retrieved his car the next day.
    He turned himself in after the police had already
    zeroed in on him as a suspect. Mr. Nazir had no weapon and no choice. What about his rights, to be
    paid for his work and to go home to his family? Nobody got a vote in whether he lived or died.

    Evan Gargiulo destroyed two families with his choices.
    His victim’s family and his own. There is no one else to blame.


  32. Here is what I think happened. Gargiulo started out
    for a night of partying. He got seperated from his ride somehow. His wallet was stolen. He was stranded.
    He got in Mr. Nazir’s cab. They drove to Reston. If
    Gargiulo’s keys were also lost, how did he get into his apartment?

    This part is my theory. At this point Gargiulo knew he had no intention of paying Mr. Nazir. He wanted to retrieve his car and took the gun to intimidate Mr.
    Nazir into leaving quietly.

    Getting back in the cab with the gun was the point of no return, in my opinion.




  34. Stop yelling. If you don’t like what you see and can’t deal with what people think, don’t look. Your
    relative introduced a gun into a situation and killed
    a man. Deal with it.


  35. To everyone who has attempted to defend Evan on this site or anywhere else for that matter- shame on you! This is a very simple event. Evan pulled a gun and shot Mazhar Nazir…. IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Yes, you can say he made a grave mistake (we all make mistakes), but you cannot defend such a mistake. He murdered an innocent man- It’s as simple as that.


  36. The murderer’s life story may be interesting. He may have been a good person much of his life. But he committed this horrible crime and how can anyone think that 15 years is appropriate for such a cold-blooded murder? How can any jury see him as a victim when it is so obvious that this was cold, premeditated murder? My heart goes out to Nazir’s family. Sadly it seems to me that Fairfax County is an insane place.


  37. It has been the practice for passengers to kill cab drivers when they do not have the fare and gets away with it. The killer did not turn himself in to the police as was suggested, a tipster turned him in. If it was an accident, he should have turned himself in. Let us do not forget that. In DC the boys run when they do not have the fare which is better than killing the driver.


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