Evan Gargiulo: Denied Bond at Hearing; Prosecutor Presents Evidence that Taxi Driver Was in Seat Belt

[Note: Persons accused of a crime in the United States are presumed innocent until proven guilty.]

[Note 2: See my previous post for an update in the Post’s November 18, 2008 article.]

[Note 3: According to the The Daily Collegian (a Penn State University student newspaper), the final sentencing date is June 4, 2010. The newspaper also interviewed on of Mr. Gargiulo’s attorneys.]

The Washington Post reported an update on the case of Evan Gargiulo, 22, accused of killing taxi driver Mazhar Nazir, 49, in a alleged fare dispute. Mr. Gargiulo states that he shot Mr. Nazir while defending himself from Mr. Nazir.

However, this claim of self-defense was questioned at the bond hearing. The Post stated that the prosecutor presented evidence that Fairfax police found Mr. Nazir in a shoulder and hip seat belt fastened. Thus, it would seemingly be impossible for Mr. Nazir to jump over the seat to threaten Mr. Gargiulo. At best, Mr. Nazir would only be able to turn his head and body a bit in his driver’s seat.

The judge denied bond to Mr. Gargiulo, the Post reported.