Mazhar Nazir: Taxi Driver Said to be Model for Other Taxi Drivers, Considerate to Passengers in Distress

The story of Mazhar Nazir, a taxi driver who was allegedly killed by the accused, Evan Gargiulo (a passenger in Mr. Nazir’s taxicab), has been obscured by coverage of Mr. Gargiulo’s arrest and ongoing court hearings.

The Washington Post, through reporter Tom Jackman, has provided some detail about Mr. Nazir’s life in its November 18, 2008 article.

Mr. Nazir’s life had many characteristics of an immigrant to the United States.

Nazir, 49, had been driving a cab in the Washington area for more than 25 years, his friends said after the hearing, and moved to this country from Pakistan 33 years ago. He was married and lived with his wife and 12-year-old son in the Baileys Crossroads area of Fairfax.

Drivers and friends told the Post reporter that Mr. Nazir was not a violent person and came to the assistance of passengers who were in distress. Also, Mr. Nazir was said to provide assistance to fellow taxi drivers.

Other drivers and longtime friends said that Nazir was not violent, did not argue over money and often waived the fare of people in distress. Altaf Anjun told the story of Nazir picking up a distraught Russian woman at 3 a.m. in Georgetown. She had lost all her documentation and had no contact information for anyone in this country. Nazir took her to his home, fed her and helped her contact the Russian Embassy later that day, Anjun said.

‘He was always a friend,’ Anjun said, known as someone in the Pakistani community whom people could call for help. He once owned his own cab company, Anjun said, and ‘all wanted to drive for him.’

The story in my previous post noted that Mr. Nazir lent Mr. Gargiulo his cellphone so that Mr. Gargiulo could call his friend. This story seems to confirm the story of Mr. Nazir’s considerate behavior towards passengers in distress.


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