Ward Connerly: Possibly Abandoning Anti-Affirmative Action Campaign to Work on Sentencing Reform

In the Colorado Independent, Ward Connerly indicated the possibility that he will no longer work on anti-affirmative action initiatives. This decision may have been influenced by the defeat of the ACRI proposal in Colorado.

In addition, the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) has produced a website critiquing the financial relationship between Connerly & Associates and the American Civil Rights Institute.  BISC also identifies a reason for the campaigns–Connerly essentially is sponsoring the initiative as a from for large contracting companies that seek to prevent any other competitor from getting state contracts. I have long suspected the authenticity of Ward Connerly’s campaign (primarily his funding comes from right wing organizations). The information from BISC serves as strong confirmation.

Moreover, citizen driven initiatives are not generally popular east of the Mississippi. Many states require initiatives to be approved by the legislature before going to the ballot. Also,  Mr. Connerly essentially has exhausted the supply of those states that have citizen driven initiatives.

Perhaps the drive to eliminate affirmative action is not as salient as it once was. In most of the states where the initiative was proposed, there are relatively few non-Whites who could use the programs. This means that any affirmative action program would have little effect on the White majority. Certainly no social power would be transferred to the non-White group.

It is just as well that Ward Connerly finds another issue to pursue.