Wardell (Ward) Connerly: Arizona Legislature Should Reject HCR 2019; Affected, Nonmajority Citizenry Must Contribute to Debate and Assent to Any Decision.

Wardell (Ward) Connerly  is attempting one of his campaigns to prohibit “racial preferences” in Arizona (search Ward Connerly in the search box for my previous posts). Instead this time he is attempting to go through the legislature (Republican controlled House and Senate) (the legislation’s number is HCR 2019). At first glance, this move seems to address one of my criticisms of Connerly’s proposal. But I also think that any opening of taking away rights from another requires the full contribution and assent of the affected groups (the non-White population). Given the population of Arizona, only one race could be said to be preferred—White. Because of this, this bill is unnecessary.

Arizona (population: 5,130,632 (2000 Census) [NOTE: high number of “some other race”])

Race Percentage of population Number
White 75.5% 3,873,611
Black 3.1 158,873
Native American 5.0 255,879
Asian 1.8 92,236

Connerly makes his usual “deep south” speech with a twist: an appeal to the desire of self-sufficiency. Essentially, he states that self-sufficiency is a good, and then follows that with a statement that Affirmative Action is a threat against self-sufficiency. Thus, Affirmative Action is bad (and if the reader should agree, then that reader should also support his prohibit “racial preferences” initiative).

Here is the quote:

“We can look at people’s needs, their income, their social condition rather than presuming as we do now that my brown skin means that I can’t compete with you, that you somehow, in your benevolence, give me something not on the basis of my accomplishment but on the basis of your generosity.”

Connerly’s arguments willfully ignore reality and are not believable. Connerly’s argument in favor of self-sufficiency only supports the current hegemonic power structure. Self- sufficiency only applies to those who control the governance, the industry, and the money flow in the society. There is only one group that possesses that power—Whites (due to its supermajority presence in the country) (The election of President Obama does not affect, but rather supports, this argument (see the selection of his staff)).

Because of Connerly’s own funding, his self-sufficiency argument is disingenuous.  Connerly,  for example, receives millions through his contributors (www.bigmoneyconnerly.org, produced by the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC)).

As Connerly demonstrates, the Horatio Alger story cannot exist because no one makes it in the world without the support of other people.  I wish the fantasy would go away into the rubbish bin.

The reader should read Connerly’s view of his racial status [New York Times article].

By society’s measure, he emerged black from the gene pool, a peculiar arithmetic that Ward Connerly insists he has never understood.

”One drop of blood does it,” he said, reviewing the computation: 25 percent black plus 37.5 percent Irish plus 25 percent French plus 12.5 percent Choctaw equals 100 percent black. ”I suppose I could claim to be Irish, but who wants to stand there and argue the point every time? So I’m black.”

Cocoa-brown skin is the product of his amalgamated ancestry. And however much a hindrance the color may have been in other endeavors, it now offers him a paradoxical advantage, for Mr. Connerly has become the nation’s most active opponent of racial preferences. His blackness, he agrees with some reluctance, grants many whites a kind of absolution, allowing them to protest affirmative action ”without having to feel like they appear racist.”

The linked article further erodes Connerly’s credibility on this subject.


4 thoughts on “Wardell (Ward) Connerly: Arizona Legislature Should Reject HCR 2019; Affected, Nonmajority Citizenry Must Contribute to Debate and Assent to Any Decision.

  1. It’s time to do away with racial preferences and political correctness. The fact that Obama has become president means that anyone can succeed. Should we have racial preferences in the NBA or NFL? We should acknowledge and celebrate the differences in the races. But people should be judged individually by their own merit, not some arbitrary standard. I have been discriminated against from time to time for belonging to a certain group, or because I was a minority in the particular group (though I am white). It’s not fair, but that’s life. What is also not fair is to have the state discriminate on the basis of race or other uncontrollable factors. It’s not right. And it’s time to correct it.


  2. It is impossible for the White population to be aggrieved since their group controls social power instruments–government, business and industry, and the money.

    As for the NFL and the NBA, I have often heard this argument. What is often left unmentioned is that the players make millions to break down their bodies for others entertainment while the owners rake in many times more money with little risk to their health.

    The owners of these teams are nearly all White, which gets back to the point I made in the first paragraph.


  3. “Given the population of Arizona, only one race could be said to be preferred—White. Because of this, this bill is unnecessary.”

    WRONG! Your numbers are skewed. Consider these more recent quick facts from the US Census Bureau:

    White persons, percent, 2007 87.0%
    White persons not Hispanic, percent, 2007 59.1%

    Arizona is not all white and Affirmative Action is institutionalized racism. Racism is wrong period whether the ***human beings*** receiving the special treatment because of their race are in the minority or the majority.

    -Lara in Arizona


  4. The Census numbers I cited in the post are correct. Hispanic is a national origin, not a racial classification.

    In addition, the majority makes the rules, as I stated in my reply above. No one is able to stop a controlling majority from granting itself privileges.


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