Iran: President Barack Obama Comments on Unrest in Iran; President’s Noble Lecture Hinted at U.S. Policy

In my post summarizing the subtext of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Lecture, I noted the following observations:

Short of military action, social disturbance or destruction must be used or threatened to achieve U.S. objectives.

–The President defines “peace” as that which is based on the inherent rights and dignity of each person (which are human rights, the right to speak freely, worship as one pleases, choose their own leaders, assemble without fear, democracy, and economic security and opportunity [presumably the U.S’s rule of law beliefs].

There was an uprising in Iran and the President commented on the situation.

For months the Iranian people have sought nothing more than to exercise their universal rights.  Each time they have done so they have been met with the iron fist of brutality, even on solemn occasions and holy days.  And each time that has happened the world has watched with deep admiration for the courage and the conviction of the Iranian people, who are a part of Iran’s great and enduring civilization.

What’s taking place within Iran is not about the United States or any other country — it’s about the Iranian people and their aspirations for justice and a better life for themselves.  And the decision of Iran’s leaders to govern through fear and tyranny will not succeed in making those aspirations go away.  As I said in Oslo, it’s telling when governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power of any other nation.

The West is likely involved in this social unrest. For example, in addition to the President’s comments, on PBS, there were representatives prepared to disseminate negative information about Iran as well. It seems that every day that is significant in Iran, the same unrest will take place, with the idea of destabilizing the government. With Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no need of further destabilized states.

Post script:

U.S. nominal GDP-$14 trillion

Iran nominal GDP-$385 billion

Yemen nominal GDP-$26.6 billion

Karim Sadjadpour

Trita Parsi