U.S. Judiciary: Chief Justice John Roberts Issues 2009 Year-End Report

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States, issued a 2009 year-end report on the judiciary.

For this year-end report, the Chief Justice presents the facts alone, with his comments being like a cover letter memorandum. In summary, the chief justice reports,

The courts are operating soundly, and the nation’s dedicated federal judges are conscientiously discharging their duties. I am privileged and honored to be in a position to thank the judges and court staff throughout the land for their devoted service to the cause of justice.

Given the status of economy, and, in particular, the legal industry, the Chief Justice refrains from the story of judicial pay (which in my view, the total compensation (value of pay plus benefits) is exceptionally good).

In the appendix to the report, the Chief Justice provides an explanation of the workload of the judiciary. I will focus on the Supreme Court’s workload.

2005 2006 2007 2008
Filings 8521 8857 8241 7738
In forma pauperis 6846 7132 6627 6142
Paid docket 1671 1723 1614 1596
argued 87 78 75 87
disposed 82 74 72 83
signed opinions 69 67 67 74