“Colorblindness”: Senator Harry Reid’s Comments about Obama Reveals America’s Racial Truth

In the midst of the disastrous health care bill, it has somehow come to light that Harry Reid, U.S. Senator from Nevada and Senate Majority Leader, stated that

“He (Reid) was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama – a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ as he later put it privately,” according to the book.

I believe that Reid has spoken openly about reality in the United States. It is the reason why I could not believe that the election of President Obama represented a “post-racial” society. The statement should not allow anyone to forget the disgusting excise tax on high-cost health insurance plans.

American society is a White hegemonic system, where White people control social power. Even the President is half-White, a fact he specifically reinforced during the campaign.

United States (population: 281,421,906 (2000 Census)

Race Percentage of population Number
White 75.1% 211,460,626
Black 12.3 34,658,190
Native American 0.9 2,475,956
Asian 3.6 10,242,998

This system was related in the following saying:  If you’re White, you’re alright, if you’re brown, stick around, and if you’re Black, step back. Rev. Joseph Lowery referred to this in his benediction.

Even more, the latent issue of the cost of biracial upward mobility being used as a sign of progress. The unfortunate reality is that as these “success stories” are advanced, the old hierarchy of color is reinforced. From P.B.S. Pinchback, Douglass Wilder, Rev. Patrick Healy, S.J., former Senator Edward Brooke, and others, many of the so-called first Black people to gain a certain position appeared White.

In the end, Reid, in his statement only acknowledged the sad reality of American society. It should not at all distract from the horrible Senate health care “reform” bill.