Federal Fiscal Commission: Members of Congress Should Reject S. 2853; Congress & President Should Use Appropriations, Budget Committees

Apparently, President Barack Obama supports a bill which would create a fiscal commission to deal with the deficit (S.2853).

I oppose this bill on Constitutional and and institutional grounds. The Constitution provides that the legislative power resides in the Congress (Article I, section 1). The Congress also has the power of the purse (Article I, section 8), a power that belongs only to Congress.

A fiscal commission that has appointees from among the Members of Congress along with 2 appointees from the President, with powers to make recommendations that can only be voted up or down is an infringement of Article I and therefore the bill should be rejected. After all, Congress already has a committees on the budget and appropriations. Why not use the existing system?

The President has stated that if S. 2853 fails to pass, he would create a fiscal commission within the Executive branch. This he is able to do; the commission just will not control any final spending decisions (an Article I duty).