Health Care “Reform”: The Process is an Abject Failure; Senate Bill (H.R. 3590), Supported by President Obama, is the Worst of the Bills under Consideration

Now it seems that the consensus political opinion is to pass the failed Senate bill, H.R. 3590, at any cost lest the voters think that the majority power Democratic party is unable to govern. H.R. 3590 is simply not the vehicle of true reform: The mandate to buy a private industry product (H.R. 3590’s use of the commerce clause seems questionable (opposing view)) and the excise tax on employer-provided health insurance should doom the bill to failure.

President Barack Obama issued his proposal, but the President is no longer a Senator so he cannot propose legislation. Also, his proposal is not in the form of a bill and is too late since the House already passed H.R. 3962, and the Senate passed H.R. 3590. It may be an elaborate cover to allow the House just to pass H.R. 3590 without any changes. Given the agreement of the President with the industry, I am sure he wants all of H.R. 3590, regardless of his speeches to the contrary.

The House is facing renewed pressure to pass the offensive striker amendment composed H.R. 3950. Should the House pass the Senate bill, the House can rest assured that the bill will not be altered (so-called sidecar reconciliation) and go straight to the President to sign.

The whole process has been disappointing, and those politicians who vote for this false “reform” bill deserve to suffer political defeat.

Post script:

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