President Barack Obama: President’s Rhetorical Sleight-of-Hand Tactics May Have Disillusioned Party Base of Dems; GOP Is No Better

‘I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now.’ –Velma Hart

President Barack Obama laments that the enthusiasm surrounding his 2008 campaign is not present in 2010. Perhaps it is how he disregards his party’s base to satisfy the unsatisfiable right wing that is causing problems.

However, the disappointment is not only for President Obama, its also for the seeming collapse of the ability of the government to manage the country’s affairs. It seems that a handful of billionaires are now in charge of government policy. The GOP and its billionaire-funded “tea party” and its unseasoned, untrustworthy candidates does not inspire confidence either.

Some issues I have had concerns with follow.

The health-care bill should have been a great achievement. Instead, it’s mired with equanimity because of the closed-door deals negotiated with the health-insurance industry to pass it and his determined opposition to the single-payer proposal. Also, the long lag time for full implementation does not help the situation.

President Obama’s Deficit Commission and its likely proposals against Social Security cause concern. (The site of the Deficit Commission is located at

President Obama’s and his Administration’s behavior toward Shirley Sherrod was profoundly disappointing.

The Obama Administration’s positions toward public schools and public school teachers is a huge slap of disrespect.


Juan Williams: NPR Dismissal Reasonable; Likely Sought to Take More-Lucrative Job with Fox News

Upon hearing the news about Juan Williams and his separation from National Public Radio (NPR), I could not even generate a yawn. The tension between NPR and his work at Fox News was brewing for some time. Thus, the manufactured outrage is outsized to the reality of the situation. Mr. Williams knew that he was pushing the envelope and he got what he wanted a lucrative contract from Fox News.

  • I think Mr. Williams plays at being a “liberal” (like Alan Colmes). I think his conflict with NPR was to burnish his credentials as a conservative.
  • In reading about this situation,  I thought about Hosea 8:7 .

Federal Government: Poll Results Indicate a Belief from Some that Civil Servants “Overpaid”; View Depends upon Whom Is Asked

The Washington Post published an article about the belief that federal civil servants are overpaid.

It turns out the belief is more strongly held by some portions of the society in the United States.

In the new Post survey, 52 percent of Americans think that federal civil servants are paid too much, a view held by nearly two in three Republicans and about seven in 10 conservatives. Far fewer Democrats, independents, liberals and moderates hold this opinion. Overall, among Americans, one in 10 of those polled say federal workers should be better compensated.

I say that the polls results on Republican voters is unsurprising given that the Republican party has been beating this tired drum for quite some time. It’s interesting that the same Republican politicians forget they too draw federal salaries and benefits as well as their staff. Civil servants are an easy target–they cannot truly respond to the attacks because the politicians have power within the Congressional budget process for federal agencies.

According to a Congressional Budget Office report [PDF], in 2005, the average pay of a General Service (GS) employee was $67,000 (for a non-GS employee, the average pay was $82,000. For a listing of the average wages for all occupations in the United States in 2005, see the May 2005 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates.

Readers should also keep in mind the macroeconomic principal of the flow of income. Simply speaking, workers receive wages in return for their labor and businesses receive money in return for the provision of goods and services. Thus, disruption of the wages will ultimately disrupt the production of goods and services, therefore affecting the poor macroeconomic conditions.

Wardell (Ward) Connerly and ACRI: Arizona Proposition 107 on Ballot; Sadly Might Pass

Wardell Connerly’s crusade against so-called racial preferences against the majority White racial group in America continues.

Arizona’s Secretary of State presents a video transcript of statements of proponents and opponents of Proposition 107.

As I have posted earlier, Arizona does not need this proposition, but Connerly is running out of states to propose these ballot proposals.

Steven Pearlstein: Promotion of Wage Cuts for Non-Executive Employees Shameful, Recipe for Economic System Failure

Wage cuts for lower ranked employees is a simplistic and ineffective method of dealing with a recession because it will cause a downward shift in aggregate demand.

Contrary to the belief of Steven Pearlstein, wages are not the cause of problems in the economy because that money is used to buy goods and services.

There seems to be a troubling belief that labor should be free. Ultimately, opinions like Pearlstein’s lead to arguments for slavery. The United States already tried that and the practice of slavery is contrary to the Constitution. That there is still argument over this fact is disturbing.

Also, the top 1 percent of wealth cannot be protected at the expense of the other 99 percent. This prescription is a recipe for societal dysfunction and economic failure.

Michelle Rhee: Reported to Announce Resignation on Wednesday October 13

Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of District of Columbia Public Schools, is reportedly planning to announce her resignation tomorrow October 13.

Honestly, given her stepping into the election to support the defeated candidate, Mayor Adrian Fenty, this development is not surprising.

What will happen to the foundation money now that Rhee may be departing? It was not a good idea to include this money into the deliberations over the contract for teachers.