Democratic Party: No Political Theatrics with the Bush Tax-Cut Extension, Please; Deficit-Reduction Goals Must Be Shared by All Citizens

[Note (7/22/11): This post is the same for the fake drama surrounding the debt-limit debate. Somehow the distasteful bill will cuts hitting people making $100,000 or less will pass the Congress.)

I fear the Democrats are playing games. The Bush tax cuts will be extended and become the Obama tax cuts; the vote for the middle-class provisions will be for show only. Capitol Hill has become like Hollywood, except we expect products from Hollywood to be fictional. Please do not put up a bill certain to be voted down to show that you tried; that is insulting to the voter’s intelligence.

Despite the fact that the midterms were not outside historical norms, President Barack Obama will shamefully act as if he is a Republican for “bipartisan” comity. The Republicans are getting everything they want and have the Democrats politically protecting them.

Now, the issue of the Bush tax cuts has been set to inferno-heat levels. Should the President cave to extend the Bush tax cuts while issuing all manner of draconian measures for the lower income classes, disillusionment at the minimum will occur. There must be sacrifice among all income classes, especially the upper 2 percent.