Federal Employees: 2010 Early Dismissal for Christmas Seems Unlikely

Because Christmas will be observed as a federal holiday on Friday, December 24 (December 25 is a Saturday), I think it is unlikely that President Barack Obama will grant an early dismissal on Thursday, December 23.  [Note: Executive Order 13523 granted early dismissal in 2009.]

I could be wrong, but given the President’s position concerning the freezing of wages for federal employees, his concern about the deficit (without regard to the revenue-draining effect of the Bush-era tax cuts that he seeks to extend), and his desire to get along with the Republicans during the 112th Congress, I do not expect that he has thoughts of an early dismissal in his mind.


3 thoughts on “Federal Employees: 2010 Early Dismissal for Christmas Seems Unlikely

  1. I hope he reconsiders – if Christmas was on Friday he would probably give us 1/2 day Christmas Eve – so why not the eve before Christmas Eve?


  2. I think the freezing of wages is a good reason to give us an early dismissal on December 23rd. I could sure use the the time off to get ready for Christmas and spend a little extra time with my family.


  3. I do agree with the sentiments of the commenters above; I am just speculating on the possibility of an executive order (which seems unlikely given the events in the second paragraph.


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