Debt Limit Debate: Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill Did Not Have 2/3 Vote in the House to Begin Const. Amdt Process

I viewed House Speaker John Boehner’s response to President Barack Obama’s speech tonight (7/25/11). Again, Speaker Boehner mentioned the balanced budget amendment. Unfortunately, the House did not satisfy the Constitutional requirement of a 2/3 vote in approval in the House. A “bipartisan” vote (or bare majority) is not enough.

Overall, this stalemate over this debt-limit issue is quite unbecoming and reckless, considering the unknown risks of playing with default fire.

Constitutional Amendment, Article V

Constitutional requirement: 2/3 of 435 (House) (2/3) x 435 = 290
House roll call #606 (on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, H.R. 2560) Yeas-234; Nays-190; Abstain-8