U.S. Foreign Policy: “Might is Right” Doctrine Potentially at Play in Iran; States that Administer it Are Playing with Fire

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a 32-year-old nuclear scientist in Iran, was assassinated with a bomb that was magnetically attached to his car by a motorcyclist. The whole event seems to be a professionally targeted hit. (How many common criminals use a magnetic bomb?) The United States condemned the Roshan’s killing. Regardless, the assassination was quite unwise as the nuclear knowledge already present in Iran will not be gone because Roshan is not there.

States using with terroristic methods ultimately play with fire. If it were a Western scientist assassinated under nebulous circumstances would be soundly condemned as terrorism against Western ideals (for example, academic freedom) with fiery calls for vengeance. How, then, can today’s assassination of a young scientist be even thought of as a success?

The United States continues to grieve the attacks of September 11; it should avoid provoking (in any way) backlash-inducing catastrophes.

Note: Nuclear weapon states.