United States: Waging War to Regain Former “Glory” Futile; Foreign States That Seek War Must Bear All Costs & Consequences without U.S. Taxpayer Assistance


Gross Domestic Product


United States $14.59 trillion 311,591,917
Iran $331.015 billion 73,973,600
Israel $217.33 billion 7,624,600
Iraq $82.1503 billion 32.0308 million
Afghanistan $17.2431 billion 34.3851 million

Source: For gross domestic product, Google. For population, Google.

It is said that the state of Israel is preparing itself for war. If that state wants to wage war, it must prepare to accept all of the costs and consequences of that move by itself. Meanwhile, the “elites,” or the 1%, of this country should not assume if they work up themselves into a frenzy enough that they can lead the people of the United States to support a military action.

At root of all of this bellicose behavior seems to be not a direct threat on the people of the United States but rather a closely held policy view that the United States (via Israel) should be the only political power in the Middle East region. Should Iran be able to have the elements of nuclear power, even without actually creating a bomb, the United States will no longer be able to dictate its wishes with the implicit threat or use of military force.

With the civilian-instituted political revolutions (e.g., Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and others) going on in that region, the power of the United States to make such dictates has been severely weakened; attacking Iran will not allow the United States to regain this permanent loss of power. When Mubarak waived the presidency, the U.S. power grip was broken.

This power loss is demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States waged war in both places with nebulous results after costly losses to this country and most definitely to the civilian population and treasury of both Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States surely cannot say its hand has been strengthened with the overwhelming use of force in these poor countries. Iraq is not truly sovereign; it does not have a viable military, air force or military armaments to thwart would be invaders (except the United States).

The people of the United States cannot tolerate any more wars, unless aggression is encountered within the U.S. territory. Other countries are free to do with their money, militaries, and populations as they see fit.