Trayvon Martin: Comparison with Other Crimes Inappropriate; Lives Are Not Fungible

In listening to ABC’s This Week, it seems to be an argument expressed as why people are upset about Trayvon Martin’s death, when other Black males are killed (by other Black males) without the same level of attention. On its face, it seems that this type of argument (put forward in this instance by George Will) is insightful when it is not.

One read of this sentiment can be viewed that the person who says it views Black males as fungible, that is, one Black male is the same as another. This view, at its root, strips Black people of humanity.

I think a much better view is to view each case separately rather than trying to aggregate different situations together.

[Sidenote: George Will also argued that the institutions should be given time to work. This statement seems to be boilerplate because what can the institutions do when the evidence was not collected? The task force seems to be a delaying tactic. What can the task force realistically do at this point?]