Eric Glatt, who at age 40 interned for the movie “Black Swan,” is one of the few interns with the courage to sue for wages over the work he did….

With an M.B.A. and a master’s in international management, Mr. Glatt wanted to get into film after a previous job overseeing training programs at the American International Group, the big insurance and financial services company. For “Black Swan,” he prepared documents for purchase orders and petty cash, traveled to the set to obtain signatures on documents and tracked employees’ personnel data.

I stopped on these paragraphs in the New York Times article on unpaid internships. Private businesses are abusing internships to get people to work for them for free without any benefit to the intern except having some place to spend a (long and hard-working) day. If an intern contributes in any way to revenue-generating activity, that person must be paid at least the minimum wage.

Eric Glatt holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in International Management yet wants to go to law school? Mr. Glatt had filed a lawsuit against a motion picture company for minimum wage violations.

Mr. Glatt should use his existing degrees and avoid law school as the legal industry has few jobs for the massive amount of law school graduates.


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