Group of 7 (8?) Industrialized Countries: Cover for Western (U.S.) Power; the Russian Federation’s Indifference to Exclusion and Ukraine’s Financial Status

Country Date of Membership Gross Domestic Product (2012, US$) Public Debt (2014) Nuclear Weapons UN Security Council Veto
United States 1975- 16,244,600,000,000 13,356,802,459,016 Y Y
Japan 1975- 5,959,718,262,199 12,366,765,846,995 N
Germany 1975- 3,428,130,624,839 2,794,118,579,235 N
France 1975- 2,612,878,387,760 2,410,642,622,951 Y Y
United Kingdom 1975- 2,471,783,570,300 2,483,846,721,311 Y Y
Russia 1998-2014(?) 2,014,774,938,342 197,418,852,459 Y Y
Italy 1975- 2,014,669,579,720 2,414,687,978,142 N
Canada 1976- 1,821,424,139,311 1,619,280,601,093 N
Ukraine 176,308,825,694 67,216,393,443 N N

Source: Country, date of membership,; gross domestic product,;
public debt,; nuclear weapons,;
UN Security Council,


Futility of “Colorblindness”: The Struggle Continues

Futility of “Colorblindness”: The Struggle Continues

Most disturbing is the persistence, breadth, and depth of White hegemony in the United States of America. Recent interaction with Russia concerning Ukraine has sometimes elicited comments that the society of the United States is diverse and free. These claims always provokes a deep concern because the United States has its own issues with race that it has never resolved (all proclamations to the world otherwise notwithstanding).

Hence, it is good to have more articles further explaining where the United States has been, where it is now, and what is to be its future.