Federal Reserve Board (OIG Report 2015-MO-B-006): Number of Black Employees in All Other Pay Grades Fell during Period of 2011 to 2013; Reason for the Decline is Unclear

This post contains an additional observation of the audit report of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Federal Reserve Board, 2015-MO-B-006. (Previous posts on the OIG report are located elsewhere on the blog.)

In Table C-2 of the OIG report (page 65), despite the total number of employees increasing at the Board during the 2011-2013 period, the Black employees in the All Other pay grade category fell 34 positions total during the same period. The reason for the decline is also unclear, but it is a result that requires a full explanation.

There were small increases in the higher pay grades for Black employees. It is unclear whether the increase came from promotions or external hiring. It is interesting to note that the Blacks, All Others category (2012 and 2013), lost 18 positions, but the gain in the mid-level (11) and senior managers (7) totaled 18. This result left the total number of Black employees the same.

Since all job classes are combined, it is unclear what job classes were affected.

Black/African American Permanent Board Employees, Table C-2, 2011-2013
2011 2012 2013
Total Black/African American employees 567 573 573
All other pay grades, FR-16 to FR-25 434 418 400
Mid-level professional pay grades, FR-26 to FR-28 106 125 136
Senior managers and officers pay grade, FR-29 to FR-00 27 30 37
Total employees of the Federal Reserve Board 2187 2279 2353
Source: FRB OIG Audit Report 2015-MO-B-006, page 65.