American Red Cross: A Human Service Institution Transformed into a Vacuous Marketing “Brand”

None of my money will go to this organization until focus is placed on providing services to people in need.

Critically, the Red Cross had the nerve to use Dick Grote‘s rank and yank ambush procedure on a local chapter executive, a chapter that was financially solvent.

When Rick Tuggle, the chairman of the board of directors of the Red Cross’ Nebraska Panhandle chapter, got word in 2011 that the chapter would be shuttered, he felt betrayed. An executive at a small bank in Scottsbluff, Tuggle had spent years building up the chapter, recruiting donors and volunteers who responded to home fires in a 44,000-square-mile area in the west of the state.

Tuggle and the rest of the local board fought the decision, questioning why their financially self-sufficient chapter was being closed. The chapter’s full-time executive director was told a visit from a regional executive was a performance review, only to be laid off and escorted out of the office in tears, according to Tuggle.

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