President Barack Obama: Social Change for the Excluded Comes Only under Pressure; Issues Develop because of the Exclusionary Practices of the “Establishment”

An Open Letter to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Mr. President your statement in London that people must stop yelling and work with political leaders for redress of problems neglects understanding of an extremely important ingredient: There must be trust. Simply telling people to enter a process, which was not created for nonwhite people, and wait an eternity for minuscule, if any, adjustments (or believe that it will accept such suggestions) is patently unfair and ultimately untenable.

If #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) were to accept your challenge, I already know what you will then say–such proposals will never pass Congress, as you are only the President (and the Congress is gridlocked). You do not pass laws. The result–nothing is done; pain continues. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. You can see why rejection of the entire system is the best solution.

BLM, however, is giving the Establishment a chance to redeem itself. (See, for example, Rev. Thomas Merton (1964). “Seeds of Destruction (Letters to a White Liberal),” pages 66-70.) The Establishment should accept it and begin repairs immediately and with grace and humanity. (Author’s note: Pope Francis delivered a gift to this country with his mention of Rev. Merton.)

The Establishment was created to support and sustain white supremacy; there is no interest in providing nonwhite people with any justice.  With this entrenched white-race-favoring system, any change will have to come with the application of pressure. It will not happen otherwise. Also, you would not have even talked to BLM absent their calls for justice–for the system to work for all people.

The time for correction and inclusion is now. Marked improvement will encourage trust, mercy, and forgiveness. I hope that such a request is accepted.

The ball is in the Establishment’s court.