Federal Reserve Board: D.C. Circuit Affirmed Dismissal of Employment Discrimination Case, Artis v. (Greenspan) (Bernanke) Yellen

On April 1, 2016, the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals issued a mandate of its December 21, 2015, order, which summarily affirmed the dismissal of the appellants’ appeal. The court determined that the record was replete with examples of appellants’ misconduct at the district court level.

The circuit judges on the panel were Brett Kavanaugh, Cornelia Pillard, and Robert Wilkins.

(Docket number 15-5260, available at www.pacer.gov).

Thus ends this shamefully long case to fight against the complainants in the initial stages of a so-called Equal Employment Opportunity counseling session.

One thing is certain, Board employees should read this case and, in case of any issue, consult legal counsel first, and be wary of the Board’s complaint mechanisms (unless there are sufficient reforms).

Eighteen years for this case to arrive at a messy and incomplete end. The whole affair scars the Board’s credibility; the Board is worthy of further Congressional oversight. In addition, the Board should never again have the latitude to put forward such lengthy, expensive litigation without approval.