Federal Reserve Board: Walter T. Charlton, Counsel for Cynthia Artis, Artis v. Bernanke, on C-Span in 2002; A note on John Roberts and Antonin Scalia

Walter T. Charlton, Counsel for Cynthia Artis, et al., in the extremely long duration employment discrimination case, Artis v. Greenspan Bernanke Yellen spoke about the Federal Reserve Board in 2002. Thirteen years later, the case is still active. The Board acts as if equal opportunity is an undeserved burden, one which it does not have … Continue reading Federal Reserve Board: Walter T. Charlton, Counsel for Cynthia Artis, Artis v. Bernanke, on C-Span in 2002; A note on John Roberts and Antonin Scalia

Federal Reserve Board: Brief for case involving claim of racial discrimination; Artis v. Bernanke, 2011 decision of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

The D.C. Circuit, vacating the decision of the district court and remanding the case to the district court, held that where counseling produces sufficient information to enable the agency to investigate the claim, that counseling purpose has been served. The court determined that the class members did provide meaningful information about specific instances of discrimination in the January 17 Resubmission document and offered corresponding allegations of discrimination against individual class agents. Such information, the D.C. Circuit reasoned, was enough for the Board to investigated and try to resolves the claims of the class members.

Federal Reserve Board: Board Issued 2017 Office of Minority and Women Inclusion Report. Slightly More Clarifying Information Included; Potential Improvement Obscured by Lack of Explanation

n reading the 2017 OMWI report, the report has essentially the same content and structure as in 2016; however, there were some additions. The additions are concerning as they allow worrying questions about the Board’s seriousness to this important issue, given its history in this area.

The reader is made to feel skeptical of all Board activities, even if true progress is being made. More explanation, and the elimination of obscurity, of programs being performed with the money of United States citizens is expected and required.

Federal Reserve: Laughing at the Vulnerable is Cruel, Inhuman–Callous; FOMC 5-Year Meeting-Transcript-Release Sched is Being Abused

Only the comfortable can afford to laugh at those who suffered financial stress. The following quote comes from transcripts of the Nov. 1-2, 2011, FOMC meeting. That the laughter and joy at other people’s suffering comes from high-level public-service policymakers is galling.

Harvard Business Review and Dick Grote: A Management Consultant that Loves the Process of Termination, Dehumanizing Human Employees; Review of Grote’s Article– “A Step-by-Step Guide to Firing Someone”

This report is like a recipe of planning destruction in an organized way (creating a transition plan; checking that the employee is not fired on a birthday, shortly before a pension is vested, and so on) making it seem normal, but the effect of the employee losing his or her livelihood and income stream is notably absent. The immoral notion that human beings can be acquired, used up, demeaned, and then thrown away pervades the report. The notion that management persons are perfect by virtue of their position alone is illogical.