Federal Reserve Board


About this page

To the reader:

The purpose of this website is to provide the user with information provided by the Federal Reserve Board’s (Board) website but in a collated manner. I believe that federal agencies function best with transparency and accountability.

The Board website is filled with information, but while the design is eye-pleasing, the information is jumbled and hard to find, unless the user knows what to look for. This is a serious failing.

I will attempt to do my best to help contribute to clarity (in certain areas of interest).

The Board operates with the gravity of mystery, yet it is the central bank for the people of the United States. Through doing some blog posts, it has become clear that the Board may have lost its way.

The Board must restore its credibility to the people of the United States–through acting with responsibility, clarity, and fairness.

The scope of the page will include-

This page will be an ongoing project, a complement to the blog posts. (Additional areas may be added or subtracted.)