One-Percenter Economists

I have noticed in writing updates for Federal Reserve developments in the H.2 and H.4.1 releases that wealthy economists tend to advocate for the so-called deficit hawk viewpoint. The deficit hawk viewpoint–watching the value of the activity of the government of the United States (measured in its own currency) within its territory–harms those who are not independently wealthy.

As a result, I have started to research the net worth of the deficit hawk economists. The ones I have found are millionaires. While I have blog posts commenting on these observations, I have decided to collect them on one page on the blog.

I will post short summaries, over time, through this page.

Note: Jerome Powell is not an economist. He has degrees in political science and law. Despite this, as a leader of an economic policy federal agency, I included a discussion of his wealth and deficit hawk tendency.

The same is true for Lawrence D. Fink, a billionaire, who is at the time of this writing, CEO of BlackRock.