Robert E. Rubin, BA, JD, Multimillionaire Deficit Hawk

Robert Edward Rubin: A faulty exemplar & a standard bearer for the 1 percent, who wrote a column concerned about the deficit (a credit to the people).

Net worth: $100 million (approx.)

Former partner, Goldman Sachs.

After serving as Secretary of the Treasury (under President Bill Clinton), Rubin served as director and senior counselor of Citigroup. From Nov. to Dec. 2017, Rubin was temporary chairman of Citigroup. Rubin resigned in early 2009. He received about $126 million during his tenure, which included the U.S bailout of Citigroup.

Rubin is a pro-austerity “deficit hawk” (for the 99 percent) through the Hamilton Project, “a centrist policy shop that promoted small-bore strategies for weak forms of social insurance, and had little interest in such progressive causes as full employment or a high wage economy. (

Notably, he is silent on the extreme cost of empire (aka funding for the Department of War/ Defense).