Health Care “Reform”: Congress May Not Go Into Conference After All; Senate Bill Appears to Be Sandy Foundation

It seems that the Congress may not be going into conference with the disastrous health care bill.

I get the feeling that the theater going on in the Hill, with the dramatic handwringing and rending of garments was planned to cover the “real” bill that was being proposed.

Its even probable that opponents to the bill might launch lawsuits. It is a result well deserved for forcing through this bill.

I am waiting to see how President Barack Obama signs this bill [when it passes] (whether in a public ceremony or overnight without fanfare). Given that his theater has worked, I expect much (undeserved) fanfare. This proposal has caused such dismay within the Democratic party, the apparent “victory” of its becoming law will be hollow (especially with the horrible mandate to buy private insurance and the so-called Cadillac tax).